BUSINESS – 15 reasons for Money Mastery


Fulfill your purpose,

reclaim your power.







Here are 15 reasons,
why to truly MASTER this area of your life:

  1. It provides you the ability to take good care of yourself and your close ones
  2. You learn to manifest
  3. You can explore your true potential
  4. You can create the environment that supports you
  5. You have more freedom to decide over the use of your time
  6. It gives you the possibility to add value through your work
  7. You feel the joy of making a difference and being of service to others
  8. It gives you reasons to overcome your fear and old habits
  9. Money gives excellent feedback about your abilities to master the mind and emotions ‚Äď making / not making money has everything to do with your belief system, self-worth, visibility issues and allowing you to receive support
  10. Making money teaches you to be active in life
  11. In the process it will strengthen your will-power
  12. You have to start using your intuition and creativity
  13. It will definitely require you to be able to concentrate and focus ‚Äďhelping you to overcome the monkey mind and learn to use your own awareness
  14. You have the resources to contribute for a greater goal and do philanthropic work
  15. Once you see money as energy, it can become a spiritual teacher between you and the source of all energies. For example in Hinduism money, wealth and abundance are the energies ruled by Goddess Laxshmi ‚Äď your relationship with money can be the gateway to transform your relationship with the divine



There is NOTHING spiritual in not having money and being broke. Spirituality means gaining mastery over one’s life and Рsince we live in a material world, it includes being successful in it, on ALL levels.


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