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         by Helena Lass MD



For years I knew that I want to help people to live happy, fulfilling and healthy lives, but the problem was that I COULD be successful in almost anything. Let me put it into other words – there were just so many opportunities, and was interested in ALL of them, that it was difficult to narrow it down to one thing that I could start with.

I was thinking of opening a vegetarian restaurant AND a deli, a wellness resort & spa is still on my mind as is creating school programs for mental wellbeing & prevention. Some of you might also know that for 5 years I have expressed my creativity and eye for beauty through my ethnic-contemporary clothing line ( I did know that I have a lot of potential, but my focus & energy were scattered. For me the problem was not having ideas, but having TOO MANY.

Can you relate?

So, to narrow it down, I would just keep asking myself „What is it, that I want to do“? – It’s a good question, but would just drive me „crazy“. I wanted to be of service and help people, but this is not enough if you want to be visible and really put yourself out there. I thought that I have to figure it all out BEFORE I start.

The point I realized is …

… As much as it is important to be really SPECIFIC in your goal, it is equally important to JUST DO IT. Whatever it is that you dream of accomplishing – if you don’t start, then the next doors won‘t open. You can‘t learn and plan ALL beforehand, because nobody can „see beyond the choices that you make“*. There is no PERFECT place to start, as long as you start.

And this is exactly what I did. I started with my consultation-mentoring practice and it has been a year now when I started mindfulness trainings for groups with a friend. Now I have met wonderful business partners, have a lovely office in Estonia’s most beautiful park, have an exiting webpage coming up AND have enough time for myself & my family.

My life-lesson to take along from here is, that if you are determined to DO IT , then life around you provides the „HOW“ on the way.

What is it that YOU want to do? Create or apply for a job that you love? Have perfect body? Look stylish and good? Learn to play music? Deepen your yoga practice? Meet the love of your life?

PS! I just shoot another small video this weekend for my upcoming homepage ;)



In love & service,


*From the movie „The Matrix“ ( Oh, I love it )

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As much as it is important to be really SPECIFIC in your goal, it is equally important to JUST DO IT. Helena Lass.

It is not a sin to be affected by your weaknesses, but the moment you give up the efforts to overcome them, you have succumbed. Paramhansa Yogananda.

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