My sacred journey to India

Your guide to self-mastery and wellbeing

         by Helena Lass MD


Hello dear,

You haven’t heard from me for a while, because this has been a time that I dedicated just for my soul’s purpose. And this is going to be somewhat different letter, as I would love to share my journey with you. I went to Southern India, to a very ancient part called Tamil Nadu, where I traveled with friends, astrologers and a siddha-medicine doctor to visit some very specific temples prescribed as a remedy for us. The trip was designed as a detox or a cleanse, you could say – from past actions and their ripple-effects. To understand this, you have to know that we are souls, traveling through time in different bodies and living one at a time in various parts of the world, having a taste of different cultures and experiences. During these lives we have done all sorts of deeds, good and bad – generally speaking, you have set a series of actions into motion and the fruits of them make up your life now. Hence the concept of Karma – what you saw, that you reap. It was a rare opportunity for me to speak along at the steering wheel of my life and turn over a clean page, free from past effects, to open a totally new chapter. As a cherry on the cake, I have added some pictures from my transformational trip. It was awesome.


Sharing this kind of information in a larger community has always been a no-no for me. You know- some of the people might laugh, some may disapprove, some even ridicule. But I know now that this is the risk I have to take, if I want to stay true to myself, if I want to participate from the place of authenticity and honesty. There are always people who disagree and if you really want to make an impact, then you have to make peace with that. As a matter of fact, you can benefit from everybody having their own opinion – sharing and listening to others will grow YOUR tolerance to others and YOURSELF. You also have to make peace with the „fear of being disapproved“ and „the wanting to be liked“ – because, as you look closer, these are emotions running the show. To be brave is to be friends with fear – without fear there is no need to develop bravery, no need to master the fear-friendship. And in this task, everybody and everything is your mentor and a feedback system.

I also realized the profoundness of the ways of nature. There is always something happening around and inside of us and every phenomenon in nature has an awareness of it’s own. They have a name for almost every phenomenon, that is why there are so many Gods and Goddesses. So, from this perspective, we are all interdependent – with each other and the environment around us, everything is alive. Did you know that money is energy – also having a kind of awareness of it’s own? This energy is called Goddess Lakshmi – no longer do we speak of your attitude or beliefs about JUST money, but about a Goddess! How do you treat „Her“? Do you think that She is dirty? (money is dirty), that She is unnecessary (money is unnecessary?) or unimportant (money is unimportant)? And how in return does She treat you? It does change a few things, doesn’t it? Here is the image of her, representing abundance & wealth:



In love and service,



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