Finding the time

Your guide to self-mastery and wellbeing

         by Helena Lass MD


For me it has been a very exciting month – I have been working on my personal brand and webpage. Here is a sneak preview of what’s about to launch: ad4dda

It has been a dream of mine to deliver my message in a unique and authentic way, on my own terms. But it hasn’t always been like this – entrepreneurship used to be a “should” for me, something I would do “one day” / “some day”…

There are quite a few things in everyone’s life, that we consider as “important“. Some of them we actually do take care of… and others seem to be important in only theory. That means – we think we should pay attention, because they are important, but it just turns out at the end of the day that still we DON’T.


Take self-care for instance. Or your health / family-time / wellbeing / financial freedom… you name it.¬†The fact is – THINKING something is important, doesn’t equal that it IS.

What is really important to you can be measured in real time that you spend on it on an average day.

There will always be the stuff that you want to do and then there will be the things that others want you to do. Your boss, friends, spouse or a child can fill up your calendar in no time.¬†You have to really safeguard your time – because if you don’t, then nobody else will.

So why some of the very important things never get the time they deserve?

Because they are just not important ENOUGH. I know it is painful, but it’s true. You choose your actions based on priority – so if you have limited amount of time, only the things get done that have top priority. Your work is the priority of your boss, some of your colleagues and yourself, because it promises a certain value. Only you ultimately know what value that is.¬†Your peace of mind is also very important to you, but is it also a priority?

Do you GIVE IT value?

For example you know that relaxation and meditation is good for your long-term peace of mind. But you don’t find the time to do it – because you don’t give it priority over other “important” things. It still does not have enough VALUE in your eyes.¬†Society may value status, wealth, career success, pleasures, brand clothes, luxurious lifestyle ect.

Question is – what do you value? What’s your package like?

It’s up to you to decide, which of the endless projects will get your time, which of these will YOU emphasize and give value to.

YOU yourself have to give it – it’s YOUR life, remember!.

I’m glad to be of service, to turn your life into the one you can be proud of!¬†If I can be of help /inspire / motivate your next step, please e-mail me on: to book for a 20 minute FREE discovery session on Skype. Lets’s talk.

I am not saying turning a big ship is easy. Of course your willpower will be tested – “is it really that important to you, is it really a priority or can it be replaced”? If the muscle is weak, it will get a good work-out with no extra charge ;) Even during this time, stay strong and do over and over again the most powerful thing a human can do:


I invite you to do it NOW.

The things that you have kept on the “should” column for years – revise them and make a choice. Stand up for yourself!

How are you going to start, if you don’t start?


Be well,


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