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Your guide to self-mastery and wellbeing         by Helena Lass MD



My dream has come true! I am thrilled to announce the opening of my personal-brand website:



The HOW of Life” is a brand designed for the smart and willing – it is for people who are on a mission (even if they are not very clear jet on what that exactly is). It can be a mission for your own transformation, for the good of other people or even for the whole humanity. Mathematics and spelling that you learned from school are not enough to lead a prosperous life and fulfill your purpose – you need the know-HOW. A wonderful life is not something that just happens to you, something you are born with – it is designed by you and requires the right education to do so. Learn the HOW:


WELCOME to www.helenalass.com !


Here’s what I have added for you:

There are articles loaded with valuable tips and insight that I am giving away FREE under WELLBEING and BUSINESS. This is how it looks like:


money story

lifestyle tips


You can find more exciting bits under Media and Blog. And there is an overview of the programs I offer, so that you DO NOT have to waste any more of your valuable time because of the doubting mind or going through the emotional roller-coaster.


 I invite you to visit www.helenalass.com


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Was it beneficial? How?

Does the story evoke a personal memory?


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To your prosperity! Love,

Helena Lass


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About Dr. Helena Lass:

Dr. Helena Lass is a conscious living and wellbeing coach, M.D., a psychiatrist and a yoga practitioner. She graduated as a medical doctor from the University of Tartu (EU) and has previously worked in a psychiatric hospital ( in Estonia). For almost 10 years she has been helping people to master their lives, lead with awareness and manage complex decisions. She is a speaker and author on the topics of self-mastery, leadership and wellbeing, also conducting courses and private intensives. Today, she emphasizes the importance of awareness and education for the purposes of self-mastery and wellbeing.

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