Are you having SAD?

Your guide to self-mastery and wellbeing

         by Helena Lass MD


Do you also feel, that with the winter approaching, you experience:

  • tiredness
  • the low in energy
  • lacking motivation
  • gaining weight (with what it does to your self-esteem!)
  • “blue” or sadness
  • difficulty geting up in the morning
  • cravings for fast carbohydrates (- the sweet stuff)

In the Northen part of the Globe – where the daylight shows itself only for 4-5 hours per day – there is a higher risk for the “winter blues”. This SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) is a mild form of depression, set off by environmental factors and stops you from performing your best.

80 % of the people suffering are women. The ones who nurture, support and provide.¬†This means that it is time for extra care – it’s time to ditch the belief that it is selfish to care for oneself once and for all!

talvine park

If you won’t give yourself the support that you need, you cannot¬†function at the level that you would desire.

Remember the airplane phrase:¬†”First put the oxygen mask on yourself and then help the children”. If you don’t wear one, they won’t even have a chance!


I want you to continue being the light that you are!


So, I have lined out an action plan for you:

  1. Give yourself the support that you should have – a massage, meeting with friends, regular dinners
  2. Take¬†vitamin D¬†supplements during october-april 10 micrograms/ day. From the blood screens that I have ordered, the amount of vitamin D is schokingly low even in august (when the “batteries” should be all full).Vitamin D is essential for bone metabolism and mood regulation.¬†

    It is produced in our SKIN as a reaction to UV-rays.People who spend time in the sun, but use extensive UV-block, can also have severe vitamin D deficiency. The recommended level in should be 75, when I had 30 and a patient had 8. Regarding our climate, it is almost impossible to overdue with it.


  3. Combine the previous with bright light therapy. It is not enough for treating depression, but has been recommended for SAD with good results. There is the regular light box (a special lamp ) and a new invention called Valkee. The researchers at Valkee ( have discovered that we don’t need to light up all of our surroundings, but only our brain. And directing light to the retina to do this is not the only way! They have developed a technology to direct the light through the ear canal, with the help of the headphones. Valkee seems to have style too.





Additionally you can supplement with:

  • omega-3 oils that are protective of neural cells and prevent the outburst of disorders in the¬†nervous system. More about beneficial oils under the wellbeing section ( ¬† )
  • vitamin B12 – a known substance too low in the majority of depressive patients
  • Folic acid – a food supplement, that takes part in mood regulation


PLUS ask yourself:

- what lights you up? Literally. What is the thing that would make you jump out of bed and go through the day? Do more of that, uplift yourself!.

For me it is SUME (a ethnic fashion brand that I created 5 years ago), that allows me to be creative and express beauty. I presented SUME products at a traditional four-day ethnic fair and I always return to my mission as a doctor with expanded enthusiasm.


- what am I experiencing in my emotions right now? It may not be a lack of enthusiasm, but the presence of some emotion that is passive in it’s nature – boredom, sadness, lazyness etc.

- what am I experiencing in my thoughts right now? Thoughts are not just random sentences, they have a power to them. If you repeat to yourself “I am so tired” five times in a row, the first thing in the morning, then it is no wonder you are going to feel it too. Your thoughts are your affirmations to yourself about yourself, they become your mirror to the world.

A somewhat different approach to darkness and gloomy times may help to turn the tables. In some traditions, the dark time is the best time to look inward, slow down with the nature and have a rest. It is time for contemplation on the things that really matter and reviewing to prepare for a fresh start and transformation. What should you hold on to and what to let go? We need this time (like we need the night to prepare for the new day) but have lost touch with it’s importance.

So, pose a question, look inward:

- am I trying to turn the dark time into something else? Expecting to be as active, extrovert and energetic as in summer?


What are the gifts of  darkness?

gift in hand


In love and service,



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