Money, confidence, desires – what will 2014 hold for you?

Don’t make a resolution for the new year. Make a resolution for TODAY!



I am having fantastic time here in India – visiting authentic temples, meditating, absorbing the sun and experiences. I started my new year contemplating, looking in. And from this solid space I know that I am ready to share my knowlede on even much wider scale.

The thing is, that….

often new opportunities are

disguised as temporary defeats -

that’s why most people fail

to pay them the attention needed.


You see, you cannot remain un-active. You are always doing SOMETHING – so make it benefitial to others and worthy of your time. Your ideas and passion is a gift to the world, but you have to ACT upon them to turn these ideas into reality.

Answering to the demand to help cross the bridge between spirituality and material life, a series of articles have sprung from “HOW of Life” Institute. They focus on the mindset and belief systems BEHIND being able to make your contribution to humanity (at the same time being paid for what you passionately do!). So get it clear, where you are heading to and do not quit before you have even started! Here is how I have chosen to contribute, so that you can get going:

Check out the january edition of “Sensa” – a magazine for spiritually minded, eco-sensitive, self-caring women. This month’s issue is dedicated to dreams. Read on: what has going after my dreams taught me and how can you fulfill yours?

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Mid january there will be a cloumn on how is the ability to lead your own life connected to becoming aware of the awareness. Read at “√úKS” (Estonia’s no.1 wellbeing and health magazine): “What would you create your life into, if the skills were taught at school?”

For quick inspiration and shifting your beliefs & mindset, I suggest you read:



money story

Lots of love and growth,