dealing with memories and past

How to deal with memories and the past? (10.04.2014)

No matter how beautiful or awful the past was, the fact is that it is dead now. Every time you spend some time thinking on the past, you are not actually HERE. This is the reason, why living in the past is not right, is not for real. Even if these are good memories, they are a phantom.

Helena in 1999
aastal 99

These minutes, hours, you are lost for us. And there will be blanks, like blackouts in the REAL.With this inadequate information, you are not in the position to make wise decisions ‚Äď the ones you wish you could make. THIS is for real!

The memories that keep coming back to you, happen because you were not THERE while the events were rolling out. Most likely you were occupied by different stories, ideas and memories (the recordings of the past) even then – that ¬†did not represent the ¬†actual events. So the blanks were left in and you did something / didn’t do something because of the limited or missing information.

Do you see where I am aiming? See the repeating pattern?

Every time, when you choose to direct your awareness towards the past instead of the REAL, you are instantly a step behind. When you are busy with going through your memories, the REAL will keep on rolling. But if you are never HERE, being occupied by the past? What will that result in?

You miss the best moments of your life

¬†Are you coming back? When are you going to come? See, you cannot act in the past, it is dead. You can’t fix anything that is in the past. Only the action that you do NOW counts – like writing a chronicle. You can only do but new deeds – and even these are possible only NOW. These deeds have the power to change the course of your life and this is exactly what is needed -


¬†A quote from one of the most masterful teachers of awareness, Ingvar Villido ( “Because life is through-and-through practical, we are active 24 /7″

NB! Action is everything that requires time (including thinking, remembering etc).


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