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Why is it important to be educated on awareness?
Awareness is not just information, but a skill. It is an intentional activity.
A narrow, focused awareness is also called attention.


Question: is ability to pay attention important?
What is the significance of having a well-managed attention for you?


TEST YOURSELF: everybody can maintain their awareness focused for 10 seconds. It’s longer and intentional use, that is difficult. Choose 1 visible object and remain focused on OBSERVING that object, without distraction (every thought / memory/ visualization is a sign of distraction as you are no longer observing, but using the mental apparatus instead). It only shows how well you are in charge of directing your own awareness.


Usually all sorts of delays, misunderstandings and problems arise, when your awareness is distracted, you are not paying attention.


Better control of our attention prevents our mind wandering
without our knowledge & escaping our control.


Uninhibited proliferation of thoughts (like uninhibited proliferation of cells) is a major component of mental disturbance, swinging mood and anxiety states. wandering mind is an unhappy mind, because it tends to be drawn towards unpleasant memories and  future- oriented thoughts.
Skills to use and direct your own awareness also enables to notice the moment, when some of the emotions are  used more often then others, are about to become a habit. And helps to change that, be healthier and happier (application of awareness on certain emotions for a longer period is life-threatening Рlike apathy, sadness, guilt, grief)


When wider consciousness is born, emotions have no monopoly.


Everybody benefits from grabbing hold of their attention – in schools, healthcare, business. As do you.


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