The new, aware You

What does it mean to be more aware and how will an Intensive be helpful?

Lets’s consider an analogue: Your inner realm is like water in the lake – when stirred, nothing is visible. But when the water becomes calm, everything becomes crystal clear. When it’s calm inside, everything will be clear and easy. Work. Relationships. Goals.

During the intensive we do not aim to calm the waters. Instead, we target the elements that constantly stir it:

1) The emotions – their automatic activation. I can claim that contrary to regular conviction, this IS NOT the essence of your life. More so, this automaticism is ¬†not your teacher nor the lesson to be learned. And, it is not your way to lasting happiness, even the most positive reactions. At best can it be a series of pleasant sufferings. If this sounds like intriguing – let’s talk a bit!

2) Your mental division. Not really the fastest, brightest or most contemporary tool. “I think, therefore I am” is COMPLETELY wrong. Mentality relies on memory to operate it’s system – and there are only recordings of past, nothing new! In addition, it has a nasty habit of constantly intruding into your daily life and leading you to mistakenly focus on the descriptions of the real, than the REAL itself.

And of course, you’ll be introduced to the essence of¬†water¬†itself:

3) Concentration, attention,¬†awareness. For any knowledge to be born, your awareness has to form a contact with the object of investigation. Even to acknowledge a problem – that it exists. And I believe you would solve all the obstacles that you become aware of, if you knew how. In fact wouldn’t everyone? And what would that society look like? The only reason you still haven’t solved them, is the lack of precise knowledge resulting from the untamed awareness and it’s under-developed sub-skills.

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clear water

Awareness sheds light, like a lamp. Discovering a pathway when you have a torch gives you the possibility to walk that path in the first place. Without the light there could be hundreds of possibilities, but you would know nothing about them. The light itself is important.

cave light thai

Using awareness as a skill brings you to the REAL. But this is not all – the presence is an expected side-product. The awareness itself and it’s skills are your prime target. Enabling wisdom & growth

Following the “present moment” teachings, you become off the autopilot and aware of the objects in this presence. These do not teach about awareness itself nor it’s under-developed skills. Enabling experience of objects


When you become aware -> you become totally present

Not everyone is ready to take awareness into use and re-arrange life according to it. If you have realized, that:

a) emotions make you biased

b) emotions make you act and decide irrationally, blocking the use of your talent & wisdom

c) mentality is a chronicle – describing the REAL, without being it really

d) mentality distorts the way you percieve the REAL

e) the discussions in your head take up considerable amount of time and energy (with questionable results)

f) when you are in “the flow”, you have insights and are undistracted by emotions and mentality

g) the better your skill to differentiate, the more effortlessly you orientate in the increasing amounts of information

Then you are ready to tame your awareness and use it intentionally (remember that you already use it at times – the better your day, the more). Imagine – what else would be possible if awareness (and skills of differentiation, insight and concentration among that) becomes your everyday tool?

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Looking back, your mentality will look like the initial computer. It may evoke a bit nostalgia, but as a tool is hopelessly slow and limited.

I present awareness as the high-tech of the inner education. That can take you forward. There are many therapists and coaches talking about awareness, but by far not all of them have the step-by-step knowledge to teach it to others. As you have noticed, this is not an esoteric hobby. With a hobby there are endless possibilities to get into something exciting, but ultimately not many of these activities will take you into building long-term wellbeing and effectiveness in everyday tasks. It is very important to start from the right end and use your time beneficially. Because the time, your lifetime, the ultimate resource, is limited.

Invest wisely – you have dormant skills, un-used potentials:

*Wonderful concentration skill and the ability to investigate even minute details*

Ability and responsibility to liberate the reactive activation of emotions

The awareness needed to discipline all your mental division

A sharp insight and differentiation skills to find your way in the pile of information, fast

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