A medical doctor, mentor of applied awareness and pro-active inner wellbeing



University of Tartu, EU- medicine Regional Hospital, Est- psychiatry  Ingvar Ishwarananda- awareness


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inner wellbeing, mental & emotional tools, awareness, neuroscience, workplace wellness



Walking my talk, It is correct to say, that I am not my name, my profession or my roles in the society. Nor am I my emotional reactions, mental beliefs or mentality itself.¬†I am.¬†I founded my own company at 2013, right after graduation from my residency in psychiatry and becoming a specialist doctor.¬†This enabled me a job, that otherwise didn’t exist – to work as a mental health professional, concentrating on practical skills in prevention and pro-active wellbeing.

What makes me different from other consultants ?

For years I have been searching ways to unite the evidence-based medicine Kriya yoga and awareness skills. Not too often, these are thought to oppose one-another. The majority of professionals follow one path or the other, instead of linking the two into an integrated & structured understanding. It is the consequence of a too theoretical mind-set. Attention, concentration and the skills of differentiation are part of awareness skills – in fact it is impossible to I know anything without awareness. Realizing that awareness is every individual’s main tool for connecting with the world, I have been able to connect the 2 approaches. Like all doctors, I too am highly interested in practical application and results. I have:

  • 10 years of medical education, providing the science behind the functioning of human mind

  • a scientific, structured approach to personal wellbeing

  • as a psychiatrist, experience in dealing with both- mental disturbance and the most common states of stress, burnout and boredom

  • a passion to investigate and mentor smart minds, bringing out their potential for growth

  • a trained awareness to identify the exact nature of internal obstacles / problems and how to solve them

  • 10 years of practical studies in the possibilities and results of conscious change

  • 10 years of self-practice and direct experience on awareness skills

  • desire to serve humanity




winter & spring 2016

Awareness Course