The “Advanced” Package – 90 days

Miracles start when the conditioned realm of mentality is bypassed, as mind can be one of the biggest obstacles.¬†You guard your mind as the best consultant, asking constantly for it’s advice. You would never think of the possibility that there is a whole unexplored world beyond the mind, the Real not only reflections of the Real. What would happen to you with no-mind, beyond it? What would then: “Who am I”, mean? Apart from daily activities, what is my purpose? During these trainings you will learn to use your awareness, lay a map of your mind and gain insight into how to use it for your benefit.



Do you feel there is more to you than what you are expressing now?

Ready to take up the leadership role in your life?

This extraordinary course is for the ones who are ready for a radical change in their paradigm, completely transform the life as you have known it. You can never suppress the mind or demand obedience from it. Only when you reclaim your true power as a master, aware and alert, will the mind surrender itself to you. The mind will be your servant, but only if you demonstrate to be worth it.

Sculpting your own fulfillment and happiness

Whatever you will touch with your consciousness, will become part of your everyday reality. When you don’t direct your consciousness yourself, it will be subject to random stimuli – allowing your everyday experience to be determined by random-ness. Your brain will consider the events that your consciousness falls upon automatically as real. You have to safeguard that, because this is the source from where your happiness / unhappiness springs from.

Be a realist

You can never see beyond the choices that you haven’t made yet. When the possibilities of activities are vast, distinguish the Real from the virtual in your mind. You can drink only real water, not an image ¬†or a story of the water ¬†in your mind. The “Advanced” package is not another training on an endless list of a self-development junkie. It is based on the fundamentals of Kriya Yoga, helping you to establish a solid structure to base your life upon.

The “Advanced” Package consists of 10 pre-structured trainings/themes during 90 days:


1- clarity from 5 levels of human Functioning (Kriya yoga); 5 senses and anchoring into the present moment

2- The 2 banks of subconscious and the way they drive us; Awareness of emotions (their work, type, force, meaning)

3- the negative and positive in our lives; Working with unpleasant feelings

4- Emotional reactivity; taming the emotional drives

5- Active and passive energy states; Directing anger and irritation

6- Responsability, acceptance and self-image; Making right/ wrong decisions, consequences

7- Changing old habits, creating new habits; Access courage & step up for your needs

8- The Real vs. the virtual reality; Teaching the brain to distinguish & concentrate

9- The self-talk Рthe mind level; Dealing with worry, critic, doubt, confusion

10- Failure & success; Making choices and decisions, wise action


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