26-27.01.2018 – in Estonian – Tallinn, Estonia, EU (special price for Estonia) – register here

09-10.03.2018 Рin English РTallinn, Estonia, EU (special price for Estonia) - register here

25-26.05.2018 -  in Estonian РTallinn, Estonia, EU (special price for Estonia) - register here


DAY 1: Me, My Inner World – the Five Levels of Functioning. You will:

  • learn to orientate in your inner world;
  • learn to discover and get to know five different groups or phenomena (the “bodies” or levels) related to you;
  • discover you most important and powerful tool – awareness;
  • get to know the only and absolute truth: there exists only one subject and an infinite number of objects;
  • get a practical experience of your true being, essence – the singular Self.

Helena TMK

Helena Lass awareness

DAY 2: Releasing automatic disturbing emotions. You will learn to:

  • understand that problems need solutions rather than developments;
  • divide problems into their component parts;
  • that the most “problematic” component of any problem is the emotion accompanying it;
  • become aware of your emotions (e.g. anxiety, resentment, anger, sadness, insecurity, loneliness, feeling offended, distrust, revenge etc.);
  • understand that ignoring, hiding, replacing, acting out or suppressing emotions has a better working alternative – liberating yourself from their automated activation;
  • change your habits and character (typical reactions);
  • release emotional activations related to neck-shoulders area or otherwise directly affecting the health of the physical body;
  • release emotional activations related to memories & imagination;
  • release emotional activations in real-time situations;
  • release chronic & background emotions;
  • overcome fear.

The entire Art of Conscious Change¬†series (I-V) is built upon an ancient knowledge from Kriya yoga and moulded into a contemporary form. This approach sees humans holistically, having ¬†5 “bodies” or levels of being and explains one’s inner world, tendencies, relationships, dependencies, influences and potentials in a logical way, offering means to change and develop them. The course series was developed by an awareness teacher Ingvar Villido, has already reached 15 000 + people and is gaining momentum as one of the most powerful teachings about awareness currently available on the planet. More about Ingvar Villido and how the courses came to be:¬†http://www.lilleoru.ee/en/ingvar-villido-ishwarananda


The knowledge and skills learnt at the course are highly practical and give entirely new possibilities for improving one’s quality of life. We have been shaped not only by genes but by what we have acquired from society – a world, that perpetually recopies itself from generation to generation and repeats the mistakes of the past. This unique teaching was developed in Estonia to show how to effectively change one’s life patterns. You will acquire tools that enable you to change whatever chronic habits, problems, attitudes and beliefs that you might have and thus liberate yourself from suffering. The practices are a “toolbox” to gradually take one’s life under actual control. This will change our understanding about emotions and mental processes alongside with learning how to direct and use them according to own will. Insight and intuition will be more frequent and usable – offering another pathway to obtain and process information. From the background of everyday experiences and noise, a singular state of being – awareness – will start to emerge. Through these practices, our true being of which we have had only theoretical ideas or rare glimpses – the Self – will start to reveal itself.

Flyer in English: https://issuu.com/human2.0/docs/issuu_tmk_eng_issuu

Price: 600 ‚ā¨ / person / 2 days (does not include costs on accommodation, food or travel)

To invite Helena to conduct the Art of Conscious Change course at your desired location (min. 15 participants), please contact: helena@helenalass.com



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