The “Base” Package – 40 days


Awareness is always here, in this moment. Your whole life is only here, unfolding from moment to moment. This here-now is easy to miss when you live in the mind, emphasizing the thoughts about the roses more that the direct experience of them. The aliveness is only in the moment, the past is dead and the future has not started jet. Your emotions are automatic fluctuations, the fact that one of them has arisen, doesn’t mean you have to identify with it momentarily. It is because of the habitual identification, that there is suffering. ¬†The “Base” will reveal what unawareness means, how emotions dictate your life and how to relate to them in a healthy way. This is to integrate polarities and build resilence.


Stop and smell the roses! – the present moment

With “The Mystic Rose” you are taken beyond your habitual ways of reaction.¬†It will bring you to intimate contact with the present moment and reveal the potential of conscious choices. This is where you learn to hold on to your own awareness and from the state of witness, manage your emotions and your mind. This is the evolution from reactivity to wisdom.

You will find a deeper connection with yourself

You will learn about emotions – why they are and how to interact with them. How to collaborate, investigate and witness an emotion. It encodes the “How” of Life, the wisdom and the understanding of how to be an active creator. You will be introduced to a concept of “consequential thinking” and how that enables you not to label things “good” and “bad”, but see beyond the polarities.

You will learn to be aware of your emotions and deal with negativity in a skillful, growth enabling way.

The “Base” Package consists of 10 pre-structured trainings/themes during 40 days:

1- clarity from 5 levels of human Functioning (Kriya yoga); 5 senses and anchoring into the present moment

2- The 2 banks of subconscious and the way they drive us; Awareness of emotions (their work, type, force, meaning)

3- the negative and positive in our lives; Working with unpleasant feelings

4- Emotional reactivity; taming the emotional drives


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