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In business,¬†creativity¬†is the new ‚Äěblack‚Äú.

It can make all the difference in the money you get AND keep you having fun while exploring your potential. Needless to say, creativity keeps you fresh, open and excited. Creativity and intuition have the same roots, so if you are interested in getting good at innovative solutions and crystal-clear insights, then linear thinking alone is of no help. Linear thinking is based on memory and memory is a storage of all things that you ALREADY know. There is nothing new in your memory. But when you use memory to COMPARE between different objects and events, then magical things start to happen. There are certain activities that you can perform to ignite your creativity and intuition.

11 techniques to up your creativity and intuition:

  • Pose questions of ‚Äěhow‚Äú & ‚Äěwhat‚Äú
  • Hypothesize & check the outcome
  • Look for similarities ‚Äď what is the common factor?
  • Learn to discriminate between similar (but not the same) objects / phenomena
  • Use the ‚Äěsearch engine‚Äú of your intention rather then linear thinking
  • Draw images and maps instead of writing
  • Build the state of a quiet observer, neutral witness
  • Get out from your desk to relax your thinking mind ‚Äď intuition needs quietness to come through
  • Make time for solitude
  • Develop the skill to anchor into present moment (to access the infinite pool of hidden data)
  • Be specific & don‚Äôt generalize too easily


If you notice yourself too often coming up with ‚Äěreasons‚Äú to stick with the tried-&-tested, then you may be giving in to your old habits and try to avoid possible fear by remaining in your comfort zone. These ‚Äěreasons‚Äú spur from mental conditioning ¬†and are backed up by corresponding emotions to keep you away from new possibilities.



This is a meeting place: between emotional-mental reflexes with automated conditioning AND the power of awareness combined with will-power. ¬†There are no words at the level of intuition.¬†Intuition and inspiration lie where your awareness is, beyond thoughts – that’s why it can be rather difficult to explain the insights that you get. But you can’t even hear the subtle whisper of intuition when you have a noisy mind and poor differentiation skills.


If you want to get access to your intuition, you NEED to boost your

power of awareness & open all the qualities that it has -

that’s where your authenticity lies, that’s where your genius is hidden.



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