Make an impact that

you came here to do.

Fulfill your purpose!






Making money is not JUST about making money.

Here are 15 reasons, why to truly MASTER this area of your life:

  1. It provides you the ability to take good care of yourself and your close ones
  2. You learn to manifest
  3. You can explore your true potential
  4. You can create the environment that supports you
  5. You have more freedom to decide over the use of your time
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There is NOTHING great or spiritual in not having money and being broke. Spirituality means gaining mastery over one’s life and since we live in a material world, it includes being successful in it, on ALL levels

We all have a unique talent, something to share and teach.

This is the knowing that drives us forward and urges us to find our mission in life¬†‚Äď the REASON you have come here, at this specific moment of time, in this location, surrounded by these people.

Your mission in life¬†is not a mysterious THING that you will find on a lucky day and stick to until the rest of your life. During different phases of your life, you may have different ‚Äěmissions‚Äú depending on: …

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Remember- you are here for a reason and universe will never ‚Äěforget‚Äú why you came.

Find your money blueprint & transform your money story

If you are READY to make money, if you have DETERMINED to no longer be available for lack and struggle, then it is time to take a good look at your money story.

Your money story (ie blueprint) is made of different beliefs and supporting emotions. The beliefs are the INFORMATION about you, money and the relationship between them. The emotions are the driving FORCE, keeping the information running. You can’t change your money blueprint, unless you know how to approach both, the information AND emotions. To get specific…

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The only people emphasizing that money is not important, are the ones who never have any. And they never have any, because they believe it is not important to them!

International programs with Helena Lass (via Skype or on location)


A private INTENSIVE is the unique experience of having Dr.Lass to focus exclusively on YOUR goals and how to achieve them. This is the time, where you set YOURSELF first. An intensive is for receiving custom-made, individual mentoring in a large enough time-container.



PACKAGES¬†are the way to commit to long-term changes, strive under Dr. Lass‚Äės ongoing guidance and during the process, learn to use one’s awareness. If you have decided to go for deeper values, make some serious lifestyle & mindset changes, then this is for you.


You can do one of the most powerful things a human can: surpass the doubting mind and DECIDE. Decide NEVER again to play small, be invisible, be succumbed by emotions or live according to someone else’s standards.


How to create a healthy approach to wealth?

Money is a powerful tool and where there is power, there is also potential for danger. Money can quietly take over your life, so that you forget ethics, initial noble plans and reasons for earning much of it.

It can become a reason by itself, turning money into your idol and object of worship. There is always the danger of your own bad habits getting new investment Рgreed, pride, envy, worry, fear and paranoia. To protect you from the negative effects of money, you should simultaneously learn the principles of non-attachment…

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As much as it is important to be really SPECIFIC in your goal, it is equally important to JUST DO IT.

In business,¬†creativity¬†is the new ‚Äěblack‚Äú.

It can make all the difference in the money you get AND keep you having fun while exploring your potential. Needless to say, creativity keeps you fresh, open and excited. Creativity and intuition have the same roots, so if you are interested in getting good at innovative solutions¬†and crystal-clear insights, …

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Time management is not about time, but ACTIVITIES.

Everything you do, you do in the present moment ‚Äď speak, eat, breathe, walk. Look at your psychological, inner activities in detail – you think, go through memories, create visions and imagination also in the present moment. You FEEL emotions only in the present moment. So, managing ‚Äětime‚Äú has to do with managing your physical AND psychological activities in the present moment. It boils down to‚Ķ

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