WELLBEING – the force of emotions


Only if you support

yourself well,

can you function

at a high level





There are approximately 200 distinct emotions that humans use daily,

each person having a “top 10” in active use. With corresponding mentality, these form the main straits your personality. Of course, you are not your emotions – but this knowledge is of any value only if you live it, experience it. In everyday life emotions act automatically, like psychological reflexes, leaving you little to say. The word emotion comes from e-motion or energy in motion – giving us a hint, that emotions have something to do with energy.

Yes, emotions use your life force to perform the work that they are supposed to do.

Regarding the aspect of energy, there are 3 big groups of emotions – the ones that work to shut down, the ones that activate and a lesser amount of neutral ones. In Sanskrit these are respectively called the 3 gunas: Tamas, Rajas and Sattva. The feelings of lazy, sad, unworthy, bored are an example of “shut down” or Tamas type. When you feel lazy, you experience the working of this emotion – low energy, convenience, lack of motivation, interest and the like. The example of Rajas type or “activating” feelings are enthusiasm, anger, fear, happiness.

Emotions, as energies, are always in motion, in conjunction with the universal laws of nature. Therefore finding stability or permanent happiness from among emotions is impossible.

In self-mastery we learn to collaborate skillfully with these energies and deconstruct one-by-one the reflex of random activation.

To be human, is to master your awareness at will – the divine tool to spot, differentiate and take parent-like responsibility of your emotions. The tool of awareness will help you to make sure that emotions work WITH and FOR you and not against you.

Strategies to have more control over your emotions:

  1. Develop the skill to remain a witness to your emotions.
  2. Take time to learn the territory of emotions – naming them, identifying their work, noticing the repeating patterns.
  3. Make a list of top 10 emotions you use.
  4. Learn to become a good judge of your mood (a longer-lasting emotion). Track your mood as you would track your weight as you go on a diet and make progress.
  5. Use pranajamas – balancing breathing techniques in yoga
  6. Take control over those aspects of your life that you can. If some situations (a bad marriage or a job) constantly bring out the worst of you, then it is a message to stand up for yourself. You have to know, that YOU can to decide whether you stay or leave.
  7. Avoid tensions escalating: exercise, practice relaxation, meditation and yoga
  8. Take care of having adequate sleep and rest
  9. Avoid substances that give the illusion of control / relaxation in the short run – alcohol and drugs. They aggravate the situation down the line and offer no REAL solutions.

The golden rule of self-transformation:
change yourself and world around
you will change accordingly.


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