Most of us are

sleepwalking through

life, in a dreaming 

state of consciousness, 

unaware of ourselves


A private¬†one day¬†INTENSIVE ( on-site or via Skype for international clients) is the unique VIP experience of having Dr.Lass to focus exclusively on YOUR goals and how to achieve them. This is for the ones, who have¬†decided to bring on the change¬†and are ready to take responsibility for their own success. Not just¬†try¬†something new for a change, so that maybe-it-will-work, but determined¬†to-do-whatever-it-takes¬†attitude- to reclaim your status as “the crown of all nature”. You will consider the INTENSIVE if you are ready to dedicate the time, the money and have understood the value of being free & aware, able to lead your own life.

This is the time, where you set yourself FIRST.


Overcoming self-esteem issues, finding courage, preventing stress, burnout and many other reasons for un-necessary suffering, boil down to the skills of SELF-LEADRESHIP. This means the “why”¬†and “how”¬†to skillfully handle your emotions and mind – the two main forces running the everyday life.

An INTENSIVE provides enough time to bring along the change necessary, so that these parts of you can work FOR and WITH YOU instead of working against you. This program is suitable for business coaching and specific personal / self-development topics. To introduce you to your awareness, cease self-ignorance and make each moment count.



The INTENSIVE is for you, if you:

  • Feel ‚Äěstuck‚Äú

  • Want to balance the spiritual and the material, so you can feel at peace with yourself

  • Desire more clarity and understanding

  • Are done with the dreaming, sleepwalking state and ready to take over in awareness

  • Question about your current mission in life

  • Have already achieved everything and want to know where to go next

  • Desire to make significant changes in your life and / or lifestyle

  • Need to get a solid structure to base your life upon

  • Are looking for ways to develop will-power

  • Have decided to get free of fear

 Helena supports

women and men

looking to become

an expert

in their own lives and

find a deeper meaning to it.


Being coached by an the leader in the field, who has impressive knowledge in theory, PLUS 

practical skills to understand where you are at and what is the formula of effective transformation,

is of utmost importance.



About Helena Lass

Dr. Helena Lass, A LICENSED MD,  graduated from the University of Tartu (Europe) in 2004 and received her speciality degree in psychiatry 2013. She is working in the field of prevention as a conscious living and wellbeing coach, has studied numerous ways of psychotherapy and practical applications of yoga-psychology (performing also self-practice). For almost 10 years she has been helping people to master their lives, lead with awareness and manage complex decisions. She is a speaker and author on the topics of self-mastery, leadership and wellbeing. Today, she focuses on the limitless power of awareness and combines her in depth knowledge about the physical, emotional and mental functioning to help people become masters in their own life enabling everyone to reclaim their power & a sense of self-fulfillment.