WELLBEING – Kriya Yoga


Only if you support

yourself well,

can you function

at a high level





There is much more to yoga than just the yoga on the mat. I bring to you Kriya Yoga Рa system for everyday awareness.

Compared to our modern psychology this awesome science has been around already for thousands of years and offers jewels to those ready to understand it. Kriya Yoga, one of the most ancient yoga systems, offers a 5-layer view of a holistic human.

I have to say, this is the most¬†simple, clear and easy to navigate system¬†that I have ever found, even while going through my 10 year training as an MD.¬†I have been to the modern, the alternative and the trendy ‚Äď but this system beats all of them in it‚Äôs ability to give a practical true-to-life STRUCTURE to understand the Self and 4 other levels of your being. So, I am a fan and I know that once you get to know it in action, you will be too.

  • One can speak and read a million words and still find no change in one‚Äôs consciousness ‚Äď devouring great amounts of knowledge is not connected in any way with expanding and mastering your awareness.
  • Awareness is conscious attention of thougts or other objects, either internal or external, simultaneously knowing that your attention is at a particular place or on a train of thought, while still remaining a witness to them.
  • The word Kriya means activity or movement and Kriya yoga in this context means the movement or activity of your awareness.
  • Yoga is meant for personal practice and effort, and not just on the mat! It does require preperation and training just like any other science or art to gain maximum benefits. The main tool for achieving results in yoga, and in all other aspects of life, is¬†CONCENTRATION.

If you observe yourself you will find that your awareness has a tendency to move from one object to the next. Try to concentrate on one thing for a few minutes and you will know what I am talking about. You will discover a stream of never-ending thoughts, some realted to each other and others totally unconnected. The occurrence of unconnected thoughts is known as distraction (vikshepa in Sanskrit) and is a limitation of the mind. Because of this tendency, for most people it is impossible to concentrate and if they try to supress the disturbing factors in the mind, they create frustration and more tension for themselves.

Concentration is possible only if a person is very relaxed mentally and physically.


Until relaxation is achieved, concentration, real concentration that is, remains impossible. You probably know that great things, both in yoga and life generally, are in store for you only if you can concentrate deeply. Once the disturbances of the mind (it’s deep-rooted complexes) have been removed, the ones that most of us are not even aware of, then relaxation becomes possible and concentration starts to occur spontaneously. Concentration is where yoga starts, not your flexibility or skills on the mat. Yoga offers a clear STRUCTURE, a base to understand who you truly are and helps building your life on a solid foundation.

It is the means for ordinary people to attain happiness and self-mastery, come to self-realization.

No matter where you are at, I also have been where you are, we are on the same path. It is never too late to start.

This is my calling to you! It is time.

The peace of mind that you have been looking for is here. You have been waiting to return Home.

The preparations have been done, you are not alone anymore.I have showed up for you.

We are going to the core of your being, to remind yourself of the Essence of who you Truly Are, to reclaim your Power. Will you join us? We are uncovering the secrets of Self-Mastery, moving into the territory of Transformation. Are you ready to remember who you really are? Are you ready to step up as YOU, to be the Leader? I know you are.

I welcome you. This is the work of owning your life. This is the time.

I am here to remind you, to ask: WILL YOU…

Rise to be the Leader?
Remember who you Truly Are?



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