WELLBEING – the healing power of laughter


Only if you support

yourself well,

can you function

at a high level





Laughter¬†is known to be relaxing and bonding. But most importantly¬†‚Äď

did you know that laughter is¬†healing? Yes, contrary to the adrenal flush during an figt-and-flight reflex, it¬†boosts your immune systeem. Now, your immune system is responsible for keeping away the dangerous germs AND taking care of all the damaged / sick cells. Among the ‚Äúsick‚ÄĚ cells are the ones with mutations¬†in the cellular DNA (caused by environmental toxins, UV-rays, aging ect.). These are cancer cells that I am talking about and they are born daily during the whole human lifespan. Still, 99% of the time we don‚Äôt even know that they exist ‚Äď because our immune system takes care of them, easily and quietly. So, you really want your immune system to work properly.

Here are 5 ideas to make laughing even more fun:

  1. Greeting Laughter Walk around to different people with palms pressed together at the upper chest in the greeting gesture or shake hands and laugh, making sure to look into other people’s eyes.
  2. Silent laughter Open your mouth wide and laugh without making a sound. Look into other people’s eyes and make funny gestures.
  3. Gradient laughter Start by smiling and then slowly begin to laugh with a gentle chuckle. Increase the intensity of the laugh until you’ve achieved a hearty laugh. Then gradually bring the laugh down to a smile again.
  4. Heart-to-heart laughter Move close to a person and hold each other’s hands and laugh.
  5. Humming laughter Laugh with the mouth closed and hum.


Laughter is the cheapest, easiest and most fun thing you yourself can do to ensure adequate work of your immune system.



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