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Tired of the “not-having-enough-time”? Learn about¬†mindfulness

Lives filled with family, work and social commitments can mean losing out on precious me-time. How many times over the course of the average day do you¬†check-in¬†to yourself?¬†Mindfulness¬†helps you to build the skills of¬†relaxed awareness, to notice more what goes on around you. It is like fine-tuning a musical instrument: it has to be just right – not too tight, not too loose. Essentially, it’s about¬†being present¬†in the moment, making¬†better contact¬†with your own experiences in life and the environment around you.

It would be very easy if the mind sat still, but it‚Äôs really not as straightforward as that. Mindfulness trains your ability to direct your awareness at will, hold it on a chosen object as long as needed, notice if your awareness has shifted and the muscle to bring it back. It brings about a state of witness, where you don‚Äôt feel the pull to merely react automatically, but rather to respond skillfully. As little as 2 weeks of practice will allow you to experience more peace of mind. But mindfulness is not about escaping from life or merely eliminating the uncomfortable factors ‚Äď it teaches you to be present in whatever life has to offer.


Make time to tune-in and check-in:


  • Take 10 minutes every day to remain in solitude. No distractions ‚Äď just drink a cup of tea, look at the clouds passing by or take a walk.
  • Choose an activity each day that you know you do regularly, such as brushing your teeth, combing your hair, waiting for the train etc., and bring attention to your breath, body posture and movements while doing the activity.
  • Be attentive while you listen, noticing the other person‚Äôs voice, mood, message spoken and your own reactions to what you are hearing ‚Äď your thoughts, your emotions and the changes in your body.



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