Your guide to self-mastery and wellbeing

         by Helena Lass MD


Dearest one,

Last week I was invited to a speaking event at the JCI annual conference, this time dedicated to health leadership.

It was an awesome event with lots of business-minded, high-achieving people and a lot of fun.

My topic was burnout and how to prevent this from happening. Because, you know – how many of us would really opt for years of depression, sucked out of energy & desire to do anything? As it turns out, it’s an epidemic, a lifestyle we CHOOSE in the western world.

Burnout can rob years out of your life – and it happens at the peak of your career.


You probably have heard about the effects of stress, especially the negative stress. And we’re getting more attentive in this. But there is almost NO information on the POSITIVE stress – the stress that takes you forward and makes you cross your limits. It is labeled as “good”, without pointing out that it is ADDICTIVE! You will want to accomplish even more, meanwhile neglecting the other areas of your life – the nutrition, rest, relationships, physical activity and contemplation on what really matters.

The “burnout lifestyle” has become a HABIT and we go along without a blink of an eye.

We know it is WRONG, we know we SHOULD change something, but …


There is always the “but”, always enough reasons not to do anything about it and if we do, we find it so damn difficult that we tend to fall off the track much too early in the process.

I’ll let you know of a little secret:

The whole key is changing the HABIT itself- it includes changing the way you CARE for the body, changing what you THOUGHT was important.

The first step to do that is to ACKNOWLEDGE the habit that you have. It is an intimate process – nobody else has to know.


Only when you look into it’s eye, can you have an insight of the mess you are in. Realize that it’s not only others, but it can happen to YOU too!. See the future where this habit is taking you – and you will gain motivation to build the bridge to the other side.

Is THIS the time for you?

You may already get signals from your body, emotions (getting frustrated, angry or feel totally tired) or your mind (the “should” factor). Maybe you have seen others go down this road – do you REALLY want to try it out?

Are you ready for the consequences of your current lifestyle?

Are you happy with the way things are?

I invite you to make changes NOW.

Will there ever be a “better”, more CONVENIENT time? How serious do your sufferings have to be, before you take some action?

If you have been waiting for a reminder, then here it is!

Value the time and health that you’ve got, exercise your will-power. Bring the change, that you long to see!

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Your guide to self-mastery and wellbeing

         by Helena Lass MD



It’s Helena here.

To be honest, I don’t know how I could live without having the skills to lead, not only manage, my emotions.

What is so special about that, you might ask?

Or even further – does Dr. Lass believe that it is even possible?

Look, what do all these phenomena have in common?

- enthusiasm, sadness, FEAR, LOVE, attachment, vanity, happiness

That’s right, these are all emotions, the how you FEEL. The list can go on for 200 more of these and – this is bold – they are the REAL forces running YOUR life…

And it was like this for me too, we all have been there. Until I realized that I am being taken advantage of by my own emotions and this is JUST WRONG.

Let me bring an example: in the morning, when you wake up before the alarm has set off and see that it is just 6:30 am – you can be quite pleased with yourself for doing so and make your way slowly to the bathroom … only to find another clock showing 9:30 and the moment you see this, everything changes. What changes? – the emotion does.


Instantly you know that you are late. You may even experience a roller-coaster of emotions storming through. Perhaps there can be anger, anticipation of sth. bad happening. What’s wrong with being late? Well, you could be:

  • humiliated / feel humiliation in front of others
  • risking with leaving a bad impression
  • fired by your boss – that’s a loss
  • left out from the team

In any case, you are likely to feel some degree of FEAR and this will make you move at the speed of light. FEAR arises from the anticipation of future pain / suffering – emotional or physical. It is to be avoided at all cost! You may THINK all sorts of good reasons why you must hurry, but the emotion is the true FORCE behind that hurry.

It is a stimulus-action reflex. There is nothing wise about a reflex. A reflex is an automaticism. Do you want to be bossed around by a reflex?


Here’s what you can do:


1. Assume that it is true – emotions as the main force running your life. Just play this game that we do in science – make a hypothesis and set out to prove your case.

2. Look at other people – what is driving them? Don’t judge, just observe.

3. Look at the outcome of being driven by an emotion. How you behave and the decisions that you make. Is it wise – would you normally do this? Can you speak along – is there any way you can reason with the emotion (not now, please)?

With these tips you should already get some clarity to the very phenomena of emotions. Just to be clear – it’s not an issue of good / bad, but of how a psychological reflex has taken over the lead and turned you into a bystander.

There are more FREE tips about managing the emotions on my new webpage, that should be up next week. Definitely check that out, because ultimately …

Taking personal responsibility puts you back on POWER.


Ready to work with me?

If you have decided to bring more stability into your life and are ready to take a stand for your own success, then a good collaboration with emotions is needed. You would most likely prefer them to work WITH and FOR you, than against you.

Is this the time to break free from conditioning?

Are you WILLING to take the lead?





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Are you determined enough?

Your guide to self-mastery and wellbeing

         by Helena Lass MD



For years I knew that I want to help people to live happy, fulfilling and healthy lives, but the problem was that I COULD be successful in almost anything. Let me put it into other words – there were just so many opportunities, and was interested in ALL of them, that it was difficult to narrow it down to one thing that I could start with.

I was thinking of opening a vegetarian restaurant AND a deli, a wellness resort & spa is still on my mind as is creating school programs for mental wellbeing & prevention. Some of you might also know that for 5 years I have expressed my creativity and eye for beauty through my ethnic-contemporary clothing line ( I did know that I have a lot of potential, but my focus & energy were scattered. For me the problem was not having ideas, but having TOO MANY.

Can you relate?

So, to narrow it down, I would just keep asking myself „What is it, that I want to do“? – It’s a good question, but would just drive me „crazy“. I wanted to be of service and help people, but this is not enough if you want to be visible and really put yourself out there. I thought that I have to figure it all out BEFORE I start.

The point I realized is …

… As much as it is important to be really SPECIFIC in your goal, it is equally important to JUST DO IT. Whatever it is that you dream of accomplishing – if you don’t start, then the next doors won‘t open. You can‘t learn and plan ALL beforehand, because nobody can „see beyond the choices that you make“*. There is no PERFECT place to start, as long as you start.

And this is exactly what I did. I started with my consultation-mentoring practice and it has been a year now when I started mindfulness trainings for groups with a friend. Now I have met wonderful business partners, have a lovely office in Estonia’s most beautiful park, have an exiting webpage coming up AND have enough time for myself & my family.

My life-lesson to take along from here is, that if you are determined to DO IT , then life around you provides the „HOW“ on the way.

What is it that YOU want to do? Create or apply for a job that you love? Have perfect body? Look stylish and good? Learn to play music? Deepen your yoga practice? Meet the love of your life?

PS! I just shoot another small video this weekend for my upcoming homepage ;)



In love & service,


*From the movie „The Matrix“ ( Oh, I love it )

Daily inspiration


As much as it is important to be really SPECIFIC in your goal, it is equally important to JUST DO IT. Helena Lass.

It is not a sin to be affected by your weaknesses, but the moment you give up the efforts to overcome them, you have succumbed. Paramhansa Yogananda.

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Interested in working with me? Want to get out of being „stuck“, having DETERMINED to DO IT and staying strong for yourself?

We all know, it is not just about performing the physical activities, but about clearing up the automatic, reflective tendencies that have stopped you so far. I’m talking about your insecurity, shyness, fear ect. emotions AND your mental programming telling you „I am not good enough“ or „I don’t believe this is possible for me“.

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