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How to create a healthy approach to wealth?

Money is a powerful tool and where there is power, there is also potential for danger. Money can quietly take over your life, so that you forget ethics, initial noble plans and reasons for earning much of it.

It can become a reason by itself, turning money into your idol and object of worship. There is always the danger of your own bad habits getting new investment Рgreed, pride, envy, worry, fear and paranoia. To protect you from the negative effects of money, you should simultaneously learn the principles of non-attachment.

As with every other type of deep attachment, you lose a portion of your rational analytical power and your decisions become biased. Becoming free from attachment will return you to the position of the wise – able to calculate and analyze relevant data.

This way you will remain neutral to money itself, not losing your mind either gaining or losing it. Non-attachment will give you the freedom to enjoy what you have and look for best solutions, if intervention is needed.
You can also see the principle of non-attachment in the light of money being energy. You cannot actually OWN an energy, but you can:

  • Attract it to you
  • Be a skillful user
  • Decide what you create with it (good or bad consequences)
  • Direct it‚Äôs flow (decisions to use and redistribute it)
  • Have a respectful collaboration with it

Non-attachment does not mean that you should give your money away, but to be emotionally free from it ‚ąí from the FEELING of attachment.


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