The Science of the internal – integrating awareness & medicine


The contemporary Science of the Mind as a branch is very new. Also the ancient science of yoga developed by Siddhars is being re-introduced anew. It is the task of science itself to blend the data together into a functioning unit.

*Brain – anatomical gross matter

*Mind - the subtle matter consisting of vital, mental and higher intellectual

*Spirit, Self – non matter

On the leading edge of science ¬†(and the awareness-neuroscience is one of the fastest evolving sciences at the moment) there is always the element of the unknown. The scientists of different approaches are providing their evidence and arguing their cases. This is a good thing. Although this work is still in it’s infancy, at the stage of identifying the very tools and methods how to investigate, it will probably grow in scope dramatically over the next 20-30 years.

We live at a very exciting time, when enough information has emerged from both modern and ancient research fields to begin connecting some of the major dots. We have been brave enough to keep asking questions.