The value of human experience (28.08.2014)

I hope your summer was full of real, humane experiences.

Meaning, that you consciously chose to remain in the present for  real sand under your feet, real flowers in the garden, the smell of a delicious cake, a moment of another person smiling back at you. Remained in that moment, when it was still ongoing, still real.

Because noticing something happen live, taking part of it, will turn your moments into real experiences. Remaining on the autopilot will result just in anonymous files in your memory and not in true experiences. Only real, humane experiences have the power nourish us, let us discover the secret side of life and make us feel ALIVE.

Awareness is our main tool to establish contact with the REAL. And yes, learning to use itŇõ full potential will result in improved concentration skills, sharper differentiation power and more frequent “heureka” insights (and of course, this will improve your performance at work and bring forward wise decisions). Still, this is not the main point. The primary goal is to emphasize the real, authentic YOU, with real & authentic experiences in THIS Life:

To diminish the role of automaticism in us, the domain of animal kingdom,

and enhance humane experiences, in order not to turn

into a robot in the middle of our virtual world -


I have a weekend course exactly for that, an initiation into the practical aspects of living in the REAL. It will be offered in Estonia, from 6-7 of September 2014.


What I’ve been up to during the summer:

Volunteer work at building a schoolhouse at an Awareness education centre in Lilleoru, Estonia

Helena Lass AVATUD ehitus

I was featured at a local newspaper after an open-air event on how to find the present moment and what are the benefits.

Kabli festival 2014- Helena Lass

Hosting a DETOX retreat at a remote island of Hiiumaa. In the middle of pine trees, 100 meters from the sandy beach… It was idyllic.


Preparations for the fall. Our company’s new leaflets, waiting to be sent to doctors, local businesses, schools, yoga studios. Bringing together ¬†mental health and personal development.