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Time management is not about time, but ACTIVITIES.

Everything you do, you do in the present moment – speak, eat, breathe, walk. Look at your psychological, inner activities in detail – you think, go through memories, create visions and imagination also in the present moment. You FEEL emotions only in the present moment. So, managing „time“ has to do with managing your physical AND psychological activities in the present moment.

It can be narrowed down to your choice of focus, resources available and

the ability to CONCENTRATE on the chosen topic / task at hand.

If you decide to get some work done, but keep checking new posts at Facebook, then your attention is scattered and you don’t accomplish much. This behavior is a psychological reflex, stemming from the „monkey mind“ – a tendency of the untamed awareness to jump towards contrasting / changing phenomenon. Multitasking leaves the initial impression of quantity, but compromises on quality. It is very difficult to go deep on anything, if you have a restless mind. In the long run, you need to keep returning to the initial task, correcting and modifying it. By compromising on quality, you leave yourself with hundreds of unfinished ends – this will create a sense of having many things „on your table“ and you never know, when some of them is going to need your attention. You don’t just have a feeling that you have many things to do, but it is a fact that you actually do.

Compromising on quality will also steal your sense of satisfaction from a job well done!

Keep in touch on how many active projects you have at the moment and calculate your possibilities to engage in new ones realistically. If you have 2 hours of non-scheduled time in your day, then a 3,5 hour „extra“ will not fit in. If you keep ignoring this, then soon you will find your work piling on the corner of your desk, as will your stress. If you are driven by „being nice“ to people, then maybe it is time to start being honest to yourself and others. There is nothing „nice“ in giving false promises, being unable to step up for yourself and exhausting you while doing it. 

Here are 12 tips to get you organized and back on track:

  1. Make a list of ALL unfinished business (activities / promises ect) that you have
  2. Prioritize them to 3 categories:urgent -1 / important -2 / there is time -3
  3. Rewrite your „urgent“ list to a new paper and prioritize among them: 1/ 2 / 3
  4. From among all in numbered as 1 – prioritize again, until you are left with 3 MOST IMPORTANT tasks at hand.
  5. Finish & cross them
  6. Return to your „urgent“ list and start from step 3 (you may need to overlook the 1 /2 /3)
  7. When your „urgent“ activities are finished, tackle the „important“ and finally „there is time“
  8. When you see an opportunity to finish a small task, do it straight away
  9. Guard your time and the promises that you give
  10. Be realistic in evaluating the commitment an activity will bring along
  11. Learn to stand up for yourself
  12. Notice the buzz inside of you lessening and feeling lighter, as you finish your loose ends.

Evaluating your resources accurately & realistically plays a vital role.

Once you have narrowed your list down, it’s time to tame “the monkey mind” – so that satisfaction from your activities may grow and you never have to compromise on quality again.


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