WELLBEING РTop 10 lifestyle tips for busy professionals


Only if you support

yourself well,

can you function

at a high level





Top 10 tips for busy professionals to sustain a balanced lifestyle:

  1. Take good quality vitamins and magnesium, as we tend to deplete our levels when under stress
  2. Ensure you still get some exercise throughout the day. Make the time.
  3. Take the time to stop for a lunch and preferably go outside. This is also a good time to get your dose of vitamin D from the sun ‚Äď essential for healthy nervous system
  4. Try not to overload on carbohydrates and sugar
  5. Try to limit your caffeine intake as this will place excess strain on your adrenals
  6. Do not take work home with you if possible. Have clear boundaries between home and work time and respect them.
  7. Ensure that you spent some time every day relaxing. Relaxation may differ from person to person, but even something as simple as a hot bath at the end of the day or some quiet reading can help.
  8. Have a juice or a fruit a day. When we are under stress we release the hormone cortisol that long term will cause depletion to your immune system. By boosting up on vitamin C and antioxidants you can keep your immune cells healthy.
  9. Take three deep belly breaths a few times a day to bring calmness to the body and switch off the ‚Äúfight or flight‚ÄĚ response.
  10. Perspective is very powerful. Focus every day on at least one thing that already is well or a moment that makes you happy.







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