Only if you support

yourself well,

can you function

at a high level





How often do you set yourself first?


You probably know, that:

  • The best person to take care of yourself is YOU
  • You can perform at the higest level in your life only if you are well supported
  • The more support you give yourself, the more you can support others
  • Your BODY needs care and attention to function beautifully and last long
  • What goes on in your BODY has an effect on the MIND and vice versa

Whereas, maybe you didn’t know that:

  • Your MIND loves to run your life, unless YOU take the responsibility to do it
  • Your EMOTIONS are like children – in need of parenting and wise collaboration
  • AWARENESS is the gift you use (or don’t) to make sense of it all

AND, most importantly:

You YOURSELF are not what you thought that you are


WELLBEING is not just about the absence of a disease or problems, but a state when you feel at ease, joyful, physically, emotionally AND mentally in harmony – within all the 5 levels of your existence AND with the environment around you.

It incorporates knowing the Self, your mission in life (known in Sanskrit as dharma) and the

deeper meaning of YOUR existence.

Transforming your consciousness and liberating it from the habits and conditioning is the biggest gift you can give yourself.

Top 10 tips for busy professionals to sustain a balanced lifestyle:

  1. Take good quality vitamins and magnesium, as we tend to deplete our levels when under stress
  2. Ensure you still get some exercise throughout the day. Make the time.
  3. Take the time to stop for a lunch and preferably go outside. This is also a good time to get your dose of vitamin D from the sun – essential for healthy nervous system
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Only by discovering the hidden dimensions of your being can you fulfill your deepest hunger.

There is much more to yoga than just the yoga on the mat. I bring you Kriya Yoga – the system for everyday awareness.

Compared to our modern psychology this awesome science has been around already for thousands of years and offers jewels to those ready to understand it. Kriya Yoga, one of the most ancient yoga systems, offers a 5-layer view of a holistic human.

I have to say, this is the most simple, clear and easy to navigate system that I have ever found, even while going through my 10 year training as an MD. …

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There are approximately 200 distinct emotions that humans use daily,

each person having a “top 10” in active use. With corresponding mentality, these form the main straits your personality. Of course, you are not your emotions – but this knowledge is of any value only if you live it, experience it. In everyday life emotions act automatically, like psychological reflexes, leaving you…

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Laughter is known to be relaxing and bonding. But most importantly –

did you know that laughter is healing? Yes, contrary to the adrenal flush during an figt-and-flight reflex, it boosts your immune systeem. Now, your immune system is responsible for keeping away the dangerous germs AND taking care of all the damaged / sick cells. Among the “sick” cells are the ones with mutations…

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Secure your life in harmony, sustain your wellbeing so that even during turbulent times and, especially then – you still have access to the peace and stability in your core.


International programs with Helena Lass (via Skype or on location)


A private INTENSIVE is the unique experience of having Dr.Lass to focus exclusively on YOUR goals and how to achieve them. This is the time, where you set YOURSELF first. An intensive is for receiving custom-made, individual mentoring in a large enough time-container.



PACKAGES are the way to commit to long-term changes, strive under Dr. Lass‘s ongoing guidance and during the process, learn to use one’s awareness. If you have decided to go for deeper values, make some serious lifestyle & mindset changes, then this is for you.


To doubt is the very nature of mind, it is built to question everything it can reach. Except itself. We consider the mind as the ultimate wisdom, always true, ignoring the obvious the contradictions. This is the biggest religion and everybody is a believer – the religion of the mind.

The modern woman who is determined to have it all, also has being fit, optimum health and bursting energy on her list. 

New studies tell us about the effect of stress on our physical and mental health. Not all stress is bad, but too much of it for too long can have detrimental effects on your wellbeing. To identify the spoilers and develop a support & nourishment-packed strategy to enhance the quality of your life and contribute to overall wellbeing, here are Top 10 healthy living essentials for the New Age Woman:…

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You cannot FIND your Self, because you are already here. You are not anyTHING to be found, inside or out, as you ARE the seeker itself.

The word yoga means union – of the atma with paramatma, jiva with Shiva, a drop with the ocean.

On the path of yoga, the first goal is Self-realization, leading to the second goal of union with the all-permeating, ever-being source of consciousness and life. Centuries ago, the great Hindu sage Patanjali laid out a kind of map—one that suggests not just asana and dhyana but also attitudes and behaviors—to help you chart your own course…

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Tired of the “not-having-enough-time”? Learn about mindfulness

Lives filled with family, work and social commitments can mean losing out on precious me-time. How many times over the course of the average day do you check-in to yourself? Mindfulness helps you to build the skills of relaxed awareness, to notice more what goes on around you. It is like fine-tuning a musical instrument: it has to be just right – not too tight, not too loose. Essentially, it’s about being present in the moment, making better contact with your own experiences in life and the environment around you…

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No matter weather it is changing your money-story or healing the self-esteem issues, you will need to transform specific data in your memory and the corresponding emotional charge to get lasting results.

Healthy oils are essential for hormone production, beautiful hair and skin

Add a dash of wellbeing to your diet with the right oils. The main benefit consists of the right ratio between omega -3 and omega -6 – the first being important in cardiac health and hormone balance. Many of the “Good” oils are also rich in antioxidants, boosting the immune system and fighting aging. Your “Good” Oil Guide:…

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