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We all have a unique talent, something to share and teach.

This is the knowing that drives us forward and urges us to find our mission in life¬†‚Äď the REASON you have come here, at this specific moment of time, in this location, surrounded by these people.

Your mission in life¬†is not a mysterious THING that you will find on a lucky day and stick to until the rest of your life. During different phases of your life, you may have different ‚Äěmissions‚Äú depending on:

  • What it is that You have to LEARN at the moment
  • What you can OFFER others at this period of time

There is also a way participating in life that is called dharma. This way opens up, when one has fulfilled all projects, plans and desires, that have been set to motion earlier in time. When you are living your dharma, the environment around you will send INVITATIONS to participate & co-create. Then your mission at the moment consists of whatever is currently at hand.

You can waste a lot of valuable time, THINKING what could your mission in life be. Where more beneficial would be focusing on what is already here at the moment.

Because the fun part is, your mission might well be the most obvious thing in front of you. Your mission is actually looking for YOU, ready to guide you. It will even bring you the people you should meet, the contacts you are supposed to get and guide you to the resources where you can learn from. Your mission NEVER leaves you, it is always looking for you, it will never loose sight of you (even if you do)!


Here are 6 tips to get clear on your current mission:

  • Calm the mental part of your mind (you can use Ujiai breathing exercise)
  • Concentrate on remaining a neutral witness
  • Ask: ‚ÄěWhat is my mission telling me / teaching me?‚Äú
  • Look for repeating patterns, a common message in recent events
  • If there are many, write down 3 of them
  • Look, what do these have in common?


Remember- you are here for a reason and universe will never ‚Äěforget‚Äú why you came.


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