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Find your money blueprint & transform your money story

If you are READY to make money, if you have DETERMINED to no longer be available for lack and struggle, then it is time to take a good look at your money story.

Your money story (ie blueprint) is made of different beliefs and supporting emotions. The beliefs are the INFORMATION about you, money and the relationship between them. The emotions are the driving FORCE, keeping the information running. You can’t change your money blueprint, unless you know how to approach both, the information AND emotions. To get specific, this is information is stored in your memory:

  • the behavior by your role models and friends
  • your environment as you grew up and went to school,
  • all you have experienced yourself
  • the stories you have seen in movies
  • the general beliefs in the community
  • what you have read in books


Of course, these are not the things you think about when you are functioning well. You can see their shadows emerging when the emotions kick in: when you feel sad, disappointed, hopeless, worthless and the similar. Or you can use your memories as bait and the information starts popping out. This is time is most valuable to get hold of them, but you can achieve this only by staying non-attached. So, you need to be clever – otherwise you go along with the reflex, having just another lousy day. Some of these beliefs can sound as:


  • „Who am I to earn this much?“
  • „I am not worth enough (to charge the sum that I want)“
  • „Who do I think I am to deserve this money / wealth“
  • „Money is not there for me“
  • „I am not better then others (who also struggle)“
  • „Nobody is going to pay me for this / this much“
  • „Nobody REALLY needs my services that much (to pay me significant amount)“

Monitor your thoughts and write down 10 beliefs about money.

These beliefs need to be annulled WITH corresponding emotions that they evoke (like being unworthy, humiliation, disappointment). Not only over-written by affirmations, but canceled, cleared. If I can help you during this process, then contact me and we’ll talk about the possibilities to help you reach a new level of self-mastery.


A private INTENSIVE is the unique experience of having Dr.Lass to focus exclusively on YOUR goals and how to achieve them. This is the time, where you set YOURSELF first. A coaching session is for getting fast results in limited amounts of time.



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