Attention, concentration, insight,  ability to differentiate Рall offsprings of awareness. While all people naturally have awareness, this powerful innate skill remains underused and undirected due to absent education.

After realizing that awareness is every individual’s main tool for connecting with the world as well as different parts of our own being, it becomes primary in the face of objects it allows to discover. Learning and applying awareness has been my priority for over 10 years now.

Alongside with my medical degree from psychiatry, it is my purpose in life to connect the two for the benefit of humanity.¬†I have a private medical practice in Estonia, I organize conferences and am a co-founder of world’s first digital training platform on human capacity & mental wellness. I have conducted courses for companies as well as for individuals and have been involved in public speaking engagements since 2012.

Helena Lass

I remain committed to teaching and inspiring others skillfully navigate the intra-personal. Addressing the everyday aspirations to develop resilience towards stress, be more present and happier to developing human capacity for thinking more clearly, gain insights, manage emotions, take initiative and more. Aside from these initial topics, the true value of awareness lies in the pathway it enables towards self-realization along with overcoming various forms of suffering caused by widespread mis-identification with the emotional-mental duplicate, the ego. Remaining also a student myself, I explore the mind-spirit domain with empirical methods, compare the discoveries against the scientific evidence and look for links between the two. I am on route building a hybrid understanding between medical know-how, scientific data, spirituality and having an exciting career to provide a wholesome understanding what life in it’s totality and being a human means.


University of Tartu (EU) medicine Regional Hospital (EST) psychiatry  Ingvar Ishwarananda, awareness


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mental & emotional health, awareness, intra-personal, neuroscience, wellbeing



Conscious Initiative Conference 2016

CONSCIOUS INITIATIVE  LIVE EVENTS (founder) www.consciousinitiative.com

We invite you to join the new paradigm in business – people with awareness, insight, and intelligence. Add entrepreneurial mind-set. Re-invent work and life. Join our conferences or workshops and introduce a radical shift into your basis of operation. In Tallinn (EST), Singapore (SNG), London (UK).

NEXT 3.MAY 2018: Technology, Human Capacity, Awareness.

Wellness Orbit platform back-end

WELLNESS ORBIT DIGITAL PLATFORM (founder- trainer) www.wellnessorbit.com

Wellness Orbit is the next generation e-learning platform for businesses and organizations, providing cinema quality video-courses on an interactive platform to enhance human capacity & mental wellbeing. The unique training courses are developed by Dr.Med Helena Lass, deep and rich in content, helping people to learn self-skills and discover the most powerful tools innate of human mind. Enabling them to become creatively involved at work, gain insights, understand emotions, change habits, apply awareness to meet new challenges and more. Companies can choose from a single training or an annual membership and cater to the different developmental needs of all employees in one go, at anytime, regardless of differing geographic locations.


Helena TMK

THE ART OF CONSCIOUS CHANGE COURSE (licensed teacher) www.human.ee

Starting from 2017, I am licensed to conduct the I-II module of the Art of Conscious Change course series developed by my long-term awareness teacher Ingvar Villido. Over 15 000 participants have already benefited from these life-changing techniques and in my view it is the most powerful & straightforward awareness, leadership and self-realization oriented teaching currently available on the planet. With roots in Kriya yoga and Siddhanta, it was developed to meet the needs of our modern lives and equip people with knowledge-tools that enable one to change their inner realm and reactions independently. Participants testify the course to be highly practical with remarkable results already after a few weeks of practice, having an overall satisfaction rate of 96%.

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